Chapter 1

The Last Throes of The Marinella

     “We've sprung another leak!” the first mate screamed over everyone’s panicked din. But by that time, what was the point? When a ship has taken on as much of the ocean as The Marinella had, is another trickle really anything to get on about?

     Hari was more concerned with quickly plotting his path to the few fastly filling ship’s boats than everything that came before. After all, he was ever venturing towards the ultimate goal; his amor, Llora.

     It had been less than two weeks since life spat in destiny's eye and the two lovebirds were separated so unceremoniously. Less than two weeks had passed, and to Hari it felt as if it'd been two lifetimes too many.

     In his mind, Hari was already secure with all the other lucky ones who would survive to tell tales of their narrow escape from the torrential sea that dark day so long ago. In reality, Hari was being battered over the head by an hysterical passenger, one Mr. Aldous Banks, who figured he had more of a right to survival than some peasant boy who probably stowed aboard illegally, or even worse, someone who had won the trip in some sort of common raffle. Neither was the case, but that didn’t make a lick of difference once the battering was underway.

     The ship’s boats were being lowered into the rough, roaring abyss while Hari fell into a quiet calm.

     Though he was unaware of it, Hari was the only one to stay aboard for the remainder of The Marinella’s final hurrah. Everyone else managed to make it to safety. Even the good Captain Blom had no use for tradition that day.